• Dual Battery Storage for On Board Convenience
  • Quick-Release Handle for Compact Vertical Or Horizontal Storage

  • 3 Position Handle Height Adjustment for User Comfort

  • Brushless Motor for Superior Power And Performance

  • Heavy Duty 21" Composite Deck with Lifetime Guarantee


User review:

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.


Perfect replacement for gas mower

"I was looking for some me thing more reliable after constantly repairing my gas mower and decided to try this Echo. I'm glad I did. No more gasoline, oil changes, filter cleanings, or cable adjustments. No more pulling rip cords. No more overheating or stalls. Just put the battery in and press the start button. I have an average suburban Florida lawn, and this thing blows through it with half a charge to spare. Accidentally left it out in the rain one time - no problem.

These latest generation battery powered units finally have the potential to replace gas. Not in every situation, but for typical yards and for me it works great."


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.


My first cordless mower.

"I purchased the mower, blower, hedge trimmer, and three batteries 11 months ago. I am completely impressed with all three pieces of equipment. Depending on the season, which determines the thickness and growth rate of my lawn, I normally get two hours per battery charge, a little less if I let the grass get too high. A word of caution, if the grass gets too high or you wish to cut it shorter than normal the battery may become hot and will fail to recharge. Not a problem if you let the battery cool down before recharging. My advise; buy a few spare batteries. I mow twice a week and hope to get years of use."


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.


Works great for me!

"I have this mower, the weed eater and blower and 2 of the 4 amp batteries and have never had issues finishing my 1/3 acre yard with the 2 batteries. I have had them for over a year now. It's great not having to go fill up the gas can every week and inhaling all the exhaust fumes. I wish they also made an edger that uses the same battery packs. The mower is very lightweight and easy to maneuver even with both battery packs inserted. I like that I am able to mow my yard early in the morning or late at night without disturbing the neighbors. May not be ideal for yards over a half acre but it works great for me."

Echo CLM-58V4AH Cordless Lawn Mower w/4AH Battery & Charger

  • Voltage:  58V
    Battery:  4 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion
    Recharge Time:  1 Hour
    Run Time:  Up To 40 Minutes*
    Motor:  Brushless
    Cutting Width:  21"
    Height Adjustment:  4 Point
    Cutting Range:  3/4" - 4"
    Weight:  57.0 lbs
    Model:  CLM-58V4AH

    Warranty:  5 year Consumer Warranty, 2 year Commercial Warranty

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