ECHO blade conversion kits (99944200418 / 99944200422) offer more versatility with your ECHO SRM trimmer.  From trimming the lawn to cutting through dense weeds and underbrush, our blade conversion kits deliver convenience and unit flexibility.  With standard 20mm size arbors the blade conversion kits fit a variety of ECHO SRM models.

Kits come with or without a brush blade so you can customize your trimmer/brushcutter to your liking with our other ECHO brush blades available. An ideal option when you're looking to save yourself valuable trailer, shed or garage space without having to invest in a separate brushcutter unit. 

  • Ideal for professionals and homeowners
  • Two kit types available – see below
  • Compatible with ECHO SRM models SRM-225, SRM-225i, SRM-266, SRM-280, SRM-280S, SRM-280T, SRM-2620* and SRM-2620T*
  • Compatible with older ECHO SRM models SRM-265, SRM-265S, SRM-265T, SRM-266T and SRM-266S

Available Part No.: 

  • 99944200418 – 20mm arbor, NO BLADE
  • 99944200422 – 20 mm arbor, with 8" 8–Tooth Brush Blade
  • Includes mounting hardware, bruschcutter harness and barrier bars
  • Includes mounting hardware, brushcutter harness, barrier bars and 8" 8-tooth brush blade

Echo Blade Conversion Kit

  • Material Metal/Plastic

    Dimensions 10" x 10"

    Weight 3

    Kit Contents (1) Brushcutter Harness, (1) shield, (2) Barrier Bars, Adapters, Fixed Plates

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